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More information about conservation easements, good land management practices, and water source protection can be found in the links below.  In addition, you can find links to financial assistance programs, land management tools, state and federal agencies, and other organizations that work in land conservation.

Additional Conservation Easement Information

– Texas Land Trust Council ()

(2019)– Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute


Publications and Websites for Landowners

Watershed Management

The Watershed Management Approach

Livestock and Crop Management

 – Natural Resources Conservation Service

 – AgriLife Research

Texas Field Guide to Evaluating Rangeland Stream and Riparian Health

Texas Grazing Lease Checklist

Are Your Pastures Healthy?

Are Your Streams Healthy?

Increasing Bare Ground Indicates Poor Watershed Health

Stocking Rate and Grazing Management

Improving Rainfall Effectiveness on Rangelands

Wildlife and Feral Hogs

 and  – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

 – Pond Manager’s Diagnostic Tool

Texas Hunting Lease Checklist

 – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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