Denton County Greenbelt Plan

Denton County Greenbelt Plan map 1

In 2015, the Upper Trinity Conservation Trust, Denton County, and the Upper Trinity Regional Water District partnered together to develop the Denton County Greenbelt Plan.  The Plan was finalized and adopted by the three Sponsors in 2017.  Since then, the following entities have adopted the Plan as well and are implementing appropriate strategies in their community. 

  • City of Aubrey

  • City of Corinth

  • City of Denton

  • Town of Double Oak

  • Town of Hickory Creek

  • Town of Flower Mound

  • City of Justin

  • Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority

  • Lantana

  • City of Lewisville

  • City of Pilot Point

  • City of Sanger

Check out the Plan below:

(Click the link to request the full plan due to file size)

Greenbelt Plan cover

Denton County is rapidly urbanizing - - with growth and development expected to continue.  The County is transforming from a largely farming and ranching setting, to one with a more urban character as the County’s population is expected to reach over 1 million by 2030.  Our goal is for the county-wide Plan to guide the preservation of 

 and the adjacent natural areas within the  of our local lakes - - the source of our drinking water. 

Watershed picture in the Sanger Area 2

Greenbelts, floodplains, streams, riparian areas and wetlands perform the vital function of filtering out pollutants (such as sediments, pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals) from entering the streams and waterways, thereby safeguarding the quality of water entering our water supply lakes.  Preserved greenbelts also provide an excellent opportunity to enhance the quality of life for residents by establishing hike and bike trails for recreation, and in some cases can increase property values for nearby homes.  The Denton County Greenbelt Plan serves as a guide for communities, developers, and residents to coordinate the planning and preservation of multiuse greenbelts according to a common vision.

GREENBELT Opportunities map

The Plan identifies 137 miles of stream corridor length that are currently protected, while nearly 1,000 miles of stream corridor length that lack protection and may be vulnerable to changing land uses and development.  These stream corridors need special attention and preservation to protect the quality of water and to ensure other benefits for future generations.  A compelling fact: it is much more cost effective to protect greenbelts and stream corridors now - - rather than restore greenbelts and stream corridors after they have been lost to nearby development.  Once they are gone, they are gone forever!

The Plan is sponsored by the Upper Trinity Conservation Trust, Denton County, and the Upper Trinity Regional Water District.  Please join us in this effort to improve the environmental sustainability of Denton County and enhance the quality of life for all residents “right where we live.”   

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