Landowner Resources

UTCT General Information Brochure -PDF Download

Conservation Easements Handbook - Texas Land Trust Council -

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Publications and Websites for Landowners

Texas Land Trends
Trinity River Information Management System - Mapping Tool

Watershed Management

Texas Watershed Planning
Texas Watershed Stewards
The Watershed Management Approach
Texas Well Owner Network
Septic System Management
Watershed Monitoring Benefits Private Lands and Public Water Supplies

Livestock and Crop Management

Soil Health – Natural Resources Conservation Service
Managing Cover Crops Profitably
Building Soils for Better Crops
Cover crops use water, but benefit soil health – AgriLife Research
Improving Soil Health with Grazing Management
Lone Star Healthy Streams
Riparian Restoration on Farms and Ranches in Texas
Texas Field Guide to Evaluating Rangeland Stream and Riparian Health
Texas Grazing Lease Checklist
Are Your Pastures Healthy?
Are Your Streams Healthy?
Increasing Bare Ground Indicates Poor Watershed Health
Stocking Rate and Grazing Management
Improving Rainfall Effectiveness on Rangelands

Wildlife and Feral Hogs

Wildlife and Fisheries – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
AquaPlant – Pond Manager’s Diagnostic Tool
Wildlife Management and Property Tax Valuation in Texas
Texas Hunting Lease Checklist
Feral Hogs Community of Practice
Feral Hog Resources – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Native Grassland Restoration in the middle Trinity River Basin
Native Grassland Monitoring and Management
Managing Riparian Areas for Wildlife
Range Plants of North Central Texas
Techniques for Wetland Construction and Management

Helpful Links

Denton County Soil and Water Conservation District
Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources
USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Texas Farm Bureau
Texas Land Trust Council
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Texas Riparian Association
Texas Water Resources Institute
Texas Wildlife Association
Upper Trinity Regional Water District