Denton County Greenbelt Plan

The Denton County Greenbelt Plan is now available for review. Please send any comments or questions to Jason Pierce at by September 23 to be considered for the finalization of the Plan.

Draft Executive Summary

Draft Denton County Greenbelt Plan

Denton County is rapidly urbanizing -- with growth and development expected to continue. The County is transforming from largely farming and ranching setting, to one with a more urban character as the population is expected to reach over 1 millon by 2030. Our goal is to develop a county-wide Greenbelt Plan to guide the preservation of greenbelts and the adjacent natural areas within the watersheds of our local lakes - - the source of our drinking water.

Greenbelts, floodplains, streams, riparian areas and wetlands perform the vital function of filtering out pollutants (such as sediments, pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals) from entering the streams and waterways, thereby safeguarding the quality of water entering our water supply lakes.  Preserved greenbelts also provide an excellent opportunity to enhance the quality of life for residents by establishing hike and bike trails for recreation, and in some cases can increase property values for nearby homes.  The Greenbelt Plan will serve as a planning document, providing guidelines and opportunities for communities, developers, and residents to coordinate the planning and preservation of multiuse greenbelts according to a common vision.

Stakeholder involvement is key to the development of the Greenbelt Plan - - and for successful implementation.  Stakeholders include city/county/agency leaders and staff, residents, developers, recreationists, and environmental advocacy groups.  Visit our MySidewalk website for additional information and to provide valuable feedback as the Plan is being developed.

The Greenbelt Plan is sponsored by the Upper Trinity Conservation Trust, Denton County, and the Upper Trinity Regional Water District.  Please join us in this effort to improve the environmental sustainability of Denton County and enhance the quality of life for all residents “right where we live.”  Important information will be posted from time to time and we encourage and welcome your comments.  Please follow us on our Twitter (@UTCTrust) or Facebook (Upper Trinity Conservation Trust).


What is a Greenbelt? – Similar to riparian areas and floodplains; the undeveloped areas between  a stream and the drier uplands that have grasses, shrubs and trees in place that can tolerate flooding.

Photo credit: USDA - NRCS

What is a Watershed? – the area of land where water drains to a single point, such as a river or lake